Sanya Vukcevic, Grade 11

Placement:  Marco Stefano Salon

Sanya is completing her Co-op at Marco Stefano Salon located on Lakeshore Road in Oakville. Sanya has been learning about what is involved in running a hair salon. She greets customers and makes them feel comfortable while waiting for their service. She has learned to properly shampoo and has observed many services including cuts, blow dries, and colour, just to name a few.

“My Co-op placement has really related to my cosmo class. I have learned a lot in my cosmo class but at my placement I have learned so much more. When it comes to shampooing and blow drying hair I have learned that there are many techniques and every stylist has their preferred technique and eventually I will learn to have my own as well.  I have learned the importance of working as a team.  For example, when stylists are done working with a client, I make sure to clean their station before their next client. I also ask if they want me to shampoo their client or if they want me to grab a coffee for their client.  Thus, teamwork is very important for the salon to run smoothly.”