Co-Op Student of the Week

Student: Vahaab Ladha, Grade 11

Placement: Richard Day Law

Vahaab is doing his placement at Richard Day Law located in downtown Oakville. Some of Vahaab’s responsibilities include greeting clients, answering the phone, scanning files to a client database, reviewing files to understand the significance of each document, and sitting in on client meetings.  He has learned valuable, transferable skills such as time management, making deadlines, workplace organization, communication skills with colleagues and clients, as well as proper office etiquette when working in a professional environment.  

“After being at my Co-op for half a semester I have had the opportunity to spend time with everyone at the firm and had the opportunity to do something for each one of my co-workers. Regardless of the task, I want to ensure that every minute that I am there I am helping the team in any way I can. To be able to hear that my hard work and dedication is appreciated has motivated me to continue to strive and get the most out of the time I have at my Co-op.”

This placement has provided Vahaab with a good introduction into how a law firm functions to be better informed when making post-secondary decisions for his career pathway.  

Co-Op Student of the Week May 14, 2018

Student: Faisal Sabri, Grade 12

Placement:  Inovex Inc.

Faisal is completing his Co-op placement at Inovex Inc., a software development company located in Oakville.  Faisal’s prior technical and programming knowledge have been instrumental in completing the tasks at his placement.  Some of Faisal’s responsibilities include: creating test cases for both internal and external testing, testing and breaking programs (to find bugs, missing features or user inconveniences), tracing, recording, verifying and even fixing program bugs,  communicating with developers and project managers to ensure projects are up to standard, and ensuring programs are fulfilling the client’s requests.

According to his placement supervisor, Faisal is an excellent communicator, works well independently and is very committed to producing meaningful results.

“What I find very satisfying about my job is that I know I am truly adding value to the company. I say this because my task is to extensively test a program from both a testing perspective AND a user perspective to ensure a satisfied customer on project launch. Developers already conduct their own testing to check if their code is working, however there are a lot of things that they miss. I am very fortunate to have the opportunity to test these programs independently, and find numerous bugs, user inconvenience concerns, and logic errors; providing suggestions to improve the program along the way. I find this very satisfying because for every issue I find and suggestion I give, I know that I am not only helping the developers, but I am also adding value to the company, as the more issues that are found and fixed before launch, the fewer issues there are on launch day--improving the quality of the product. Thus, by finding over 100 bugs (estimate) throughout several projects in my first half of Co-op, I am honored to have benefited the company by ensuring their customers are satisfied with high-quality products.”

It is no doubt that this placement experience will be beneficial to Faisal as he begins his post-secondary education studying Mechatronics Engineering at the University of Waterloo.

Co-Op Student of the Week May 7, 2018

Student: Amandeep Multani, Grade 11
Placement: Oakville Trafalgar Memorial Hospital

In the dynamic environment of a healthcare facility, Amandeep is able to explore many responsibilities and expand her role. Her duties include shadowing and helping the Unit Assistant with serving patients their breakfast, positioning them for the morning routines (bathing, etc.), and stocking supply cupboards. Then, Amandeep organizes and prepares for the Current Events Program where she transports patients to the activity room, offers them refreshments, and discusses the news with them. Another activity that occurs in the morning is the Breakfast Club Program in which patients enjoy eating a self-prepared breakfast and engage in socialization. Amandeep's role can vary from handling groups of patients to conducting one-on-one activities with patients. This can include reading books, playing board games, or taking a walk around the hospital or to the Gift Shop. Amandeep strives to contribute to the prime mission of the recreational therapy department: to provide a “stimulating, positive environment and philosophy that together foster functional independence and wellbeing”.

Most important skills you have learned:

"This opportunity has helped me realize the value of practising the learning skills that are drilled into students in the classroom. I have learned how to practise mature problem-solving, communicate in a professional but also compassionate manner, and take initiative to pursue a leadership role. The biggest lesson however, is learning how to persevere and find the motivation to keep giving your full effort. Despite facing uncomfortable situations and finding myself doing tasks that I had little knowledge in, I learned how to overcome my initial fears and focus on what skills I can apply.

How Co-op has helped to make future Pathways decisions and plans for post-secondary (even if general right now):

Being involved in Co-op has shaped a new perspective on how diverse the workplace can be, through observing the variety of careers available in a field. Initially, students believe that their choices are limited to mainstream jobs such as doctors, engineers, or businessmen. However, when given the opportunity to intimately witness the several components and roles that are required for a workplace to function, students are able to broaden their options. Moreover, students have access to experienced workers that have undergone a unique path to reach their career and offer valuable advice. This allows for students to develop a network of connections that can help them in their future. Personally, my Co-op experience has solidified my resolve to follow my passion to work in the healthcare field. I am able to discover my ideal working style and the type of job I want after graduating.

Co-Op Student of the Week - April 30, 2018

Student: Kathryn Austin, Grade 11

Placement: Oakville Animal Clinic

Kathryn is in the Environment Specialist High Skills Major program and is interested in a possible career in Marine Biology.  She is completing her Co-op placement at Oakville Animal Clinic where she is gaining valuable skills she can transfer when exploring various careers in the biology field.  She is fortunate to have been involved in many different aspects of the clinic. Some of her experiences include observing and assisting with examinations and surgical procedures, taking blood samples, setting up for stool sample tests, and sterilizing instruments after surgery.  She has also worked directly with animals by trimming their nails and giving them baths. Her experience has enabled her to recognize the signs of an ill patient, learn how to take blood, and how to properly prepare for surgical procedures. Kathryn’s passion for animals and learning about the veterinary field is evident as she always brings a positive and enthusiastic attitude to the placement.

“This placement has helped me gain knowledge about the many different jobs there are in the veterinary field and how much schooling each involves. For example, to become a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine you must complete at least three years of an undergrad then four years of vet school.”

Co-Op Student of the Week - April 23, 2018

Student: Tiffany Tomaz, Grade 11

Placement: Captain R. Wilson Public School

Tiffany is completing her Co-op placement working with a Grade 6 class at Captain R. Wilson Public School.  Tiffany has many responsibilities including working one-on-one and in small groups with students who need support.  She has specifically worked with the ELL students in the class helping them comprehend instructions and complete tasks.  She has demonstrated excellent initiative by creating and teaching dance lessons and taking on school-wide roles such as offering an Organization Club to provide students with strategies to help organize their work.

Her supervisor has commented that the students in her classroom, as well as other students in the school, are responding very well to the classroom activities and the school-wide activities that Tiffany has been organizing and delivering. Tiffany is a Co-op student that brings energy, creativity and a commitment to the staff and students that she works with at Captain R. Wilson Public School.

Tiffany has indicated that doing her placement at Captain R. Wilson has enabled her to see what a possible career as a teacher involves.  “Something that I am very proud of is connecting with students and putting smiles on their face. I feel that this is one of the most important parts of being a teacher, connecting with students.  You want your students to be happy and feel good when they come to school.”