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Co-Op Student of the Week

Co-op Student:  Dioana Mamaradlo, grade 11

Placement:  Captain R. Wilson Public School  (See photo attached)

 My name is Dioana Mamaradlo, and my co-op placement is at Captain R. Wilson Public School where I work in a kindergarten classroom. Each kindergarten class has a regular teacher and an Early Childhood Educator. After high school, I plan to study Early Childhood Education and this is the reason why I am taking this Co-op. Working at this Co-op involves a lot of interaction both with the children and the teachers. I often help the ECE with class lessons, read books to the class during story time and help plan and set-up activities for the children such as arts, crafts or writing activities.

The experience has been very enjoyable so far. Every day, I get to see the progress each child makes and get to witness them gradually having a joy for school. It has also been a learning experience, not just for the children, but for me as they teach me something new every day. This experience has given me an idea as to what I should expect working as an Early Childhood Educator and could open up more opportunities when it comes to working with children.