Student Agenda 2016-2017



2820 Westoak Trails Blvd

Oakville ON L6M 4W2

(905) 847-6875


Mr. Larry O’Malley, Principal

Ms. Kim Redmond Hannah, Vice-Principal

Mr. Greg Dailey, Vice-Principal



2016 – 2017





English & Languages Ms. B. Friesen


Canada & World, Social Science Mr. I. Duncan


Technology Mr. P. White


Healthy Active Living Mr. J. Anderson


Student Services, Co-op, Library Mrs. S. Lauzon

    Science, Computers Mr. J. Sanderson


    Math Mrs. D. Carmichael


    Special Education Mr. J. Kana


    Business & Arts Mrs. L. Bottema


Ms. J. Beltran

Mr. A. Blignaut

Ms. L. Bouwman

Ms. A. Brock

Ms. W. Cacilhas

Ms. D. Carmichael

Mr. I. Chau

Mr. S. Cho

Ms. M. Coe

Mr. S. Contini

Mr. M. Crabtree

Mr. D. Del Monte

Mr. T. Douglas

Mr. I. Duncan

Ms. R. Dupont

Mr. T. Faulhafer

Ms. L. Field

Ms. J. Francis

Ms. E. Gal

Ms. S. Jeffries

Mr. M. Jenkins

Mr. L. Jeyanathan

Ms. R. Kashul

Ms. M. Kerr

Ms. J. Lewis

Ms. L. MacKenzie

Ms. K. Mactaggart

Ms. J. Marchese

Ms. A. Matharu

Mr. J. McClellan

Ms. H. McIntyre

Ms. J. McLeod

Ms. E. Mercer

Mr. S. Moran

Ms. A. Morley

Mr. J. Morrow

Mr. W. Muir

Mr. K. Mustoe

Ms. Z. Nicholas

Ms. J. Parrish

Ms. J. Patterson

Ms. J. Pita

Mr. J. Posca

Ms. S. Rogers

Ms. H. Rolf

Ms. L. Samuels

Mr. J. Sanderson

Mr. R. Sauve

Ms. K. Scruton

Ms. M. Senn

Ms. L. Smallbone

Mr. A. Sutherland

Ms. J. Tan

Mr. M. Tarantino

Ms. A. Tolton

Ms. G. Trojanovic

Ms. S. Vander Heyden

Ms. E. Wallace

Ms. C. Ward

Ms. T. Wright

Ms. C. Zinken


Business Manager: Mrs. L. Salisbury        Sr. Secretary: Ms. R. Bannerman

             General Secretaries: Ms. D. Wilkie (Attendance), Mrs. M. Fountain    

Guidance Secretary: Ms. S. Coles    Library Technician: Ms. J. Herchell      



Mr. R. Harrison           Mr. J. Cecar


Timetable (regular schedule)









8:30–9:50 announcements





9:55 – 11:10



Three - Lunch


11:10 – 12:10





12:10 – 1:25





1:30 – 2:45




All students must be in their period 1 class before 8:30 a.m. prior to the playing of O’Canada



(Collaborative Planning Day Schedule)



8:15 – 9:15





9:30 – 10:35

Opening exercises, announcements


10:40 – 11:40

Three -- Lunch

11:40 – 12:40


12:40 – 1:40


1:45 – 2:45


Second Wednesday of the Month – except September & October

Dates September 21st, October 19th, November 9th, December 14th, February 8th March 8th, April 12th and May 17th




August 29 - 31st            Registration

September 1                 Board Designated Holiday

September 2                 Board Designated Holiday

September 5                 Labour Day

September 6                 PD Day

September 7                First Day of Semester 1 Classes

September 8                 Photo Day

September 15               Grade 9 Program Evening

September 21               Post-Secondary Information Day  8:30 AM - 11:30 AM

September 23              Terry Fox Run

October  6                    Excellence Celebration

October 7                     Professional Activity Day – No Classes

October 10                    Thanksgiving Day – No Classes

October 14                    5th week Progress Reports emailed

October 20                    Parent Interviews 6:30 pm

October 20                    OSSLT on-line

November 1-3               The Gift of Giving Back

November 1                  Photo Retake Day

November 2                  Grade 9 Take Our Kids to Work Day

November 10                First Day of Semester 1, Term 2

November 10                Grade 8 Family Evening – 6:30 pm

November 11                (Tentative) Staff Photo

November 21                Mid-Semester Reports Issued

November 22                OCAS Upload

November 24                Full Disclosure date for Grade 11 & 12 students

November                     Photo Retake Day

November 25                Professional Activity Day – No Classes

December                     Club photos

December 19                15th week In Danger Reports emailed

Dec. 5-12                     Grad Photos

December  23               Last Day of Classes in 2016

Dec. 26  - Jan. 6            Winter Break

January 9                      First Day of Classes after Holiday   

January                         Halton District School Board (HDSB) Pathways Night    

January 25                    Last Day of Classes for Semester 1

Jan 26  to Feb. 1           SEMESTER 1 EXAMINATIONS

February 2                    Exam Review Day

February 3                    Professional Activity Day- No Classes

February 6                    First Day of Semester 2 Classes

February  8                   Semester 1 Report Cards

February 20                   Family Day – No Classes

March 10                       Professional Activity Day- No Classes

March 13-17                  March Break

March   22                     5th week Progress Reports emailed

March  30                     Parent Interviews - 6:30 pm       

March 30                       Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test (OSSLT) – Grade 10

April 13                         R U Ready for High School? (Grade 8)

April 14                         Good Friday

April 17                         Easter Monday

April  20                        First day of Semester 2, Term 2

April 25                         Semester II Mid-term Report Cards Distributed

April 27                         OUAC/OCAS Upload (marks transmitted to Universities/Colleges)

April 28                         Professional Activity Day - No Classes

May 4                           Full disclosure date for Grade 11 & 12 students

May 4                           Grade 8 Day

May 12                         Grad Breakfast

May 22                         Victoria Day Holiday - No Classes

May 26                         15th Week In Danger Reports emailed

June 1 - 16                    EQAO Grade 9 Assessment of Math

June 21                         Last Day of Classes for Semester 2   

June 22-28                    SEMESTER 2 EXAMINATIONS

June  29                       Exam Review Schedule

June  29                        GWSS Commencement            

June 30                         PA Day

July   6                         Final Report Cards Available for pick up





Garth Webb offers a wide range of activities for all students based on student interest and staff/community volunteer commitment.  Some of our activities are listed below.  Participation in these activities is often its own reward.  There is a Student Engagement fee that supports all activities.  Offerings of activities vary from year to year based on student interest and the availability of staff advisors and coaches.




Please go to the following address to see the most up-to-date list:






There is a fee levied on all students who join an ensemble or band.

Junior Concert Band             Wind Ensemble                         

Senior Concert Band            Strings Ensemble Choir     



An Athletic meeting in September outlines student responsibility, coaches and starting dates.   There is a compulsory $75 fee levied on all students who join an athletic team.  Please note that some sports may not have teams if there are not enough players interested in that sport.


Football Rugby

Volleyball                     Soccer

Basketball                    Badminton

Ice Hockey                   Field Hockey

Tennis                          Cross Country

Alpine Skiing               Track & Field

Baseball                      Golf

Athletic Council           Swimming

Softball                        Snowboarding



Athletes may play 1 sport during each season.  Any new student to Garth Webb SS (excluding Grade 9) must fill out a transfer form before they can be eligible to play on a school team.






The goals of Guidance at Garth Webb are to see students find success and joy in learning throughout high school and beyond, and to assist students in pursuing pathways that relate to their interests, skills and abilities.  We welcome the involvement of parent/guardian in the future planning of their sons and daughters.

Trained counselors are available to assist students through various means including individual academic and career counseling, classroom instruction, assemblies, and information evenings. We will help students and parent/guardian with course selection, and provide information on how to earn the required 40 hours of community involvement activities.  Guidance counselors also provide students with short-term personal counseling and referrals to community agencies to help with personal or school-related issues.  

Students are encouraged to make appointments with their counselors, Mrs. Lauzon, and Mr. Moran by coming to the Guidance Office and booking appointments through Ms. Coles, our Guidance Secretary.  Whenever possible, appointments should be scheduled during free periods.  Parent/guardian may schedule appointments by emailing Ms. Coles at



Co-operative Education (Co-op) allows Grade 11 and 12 students the opportunity to explore career choices and earn credits by working half or full days in the community.  Placements are arranged, and each student is trained in job-search strategies before going out to work. This happens during two weeks of pre-placement classes at the beginning of the semester.  Many Co-op students are offered part-time or summer jobs as a result of their Co-op work term.  Our placements will be as varied as the subjects in the curriculum and range from local businesses on Oakville bus routes, to placements in neighbouring communities.  We can also arrange apprenticeship programs (OYAP) or specialized programs such as Specialist High Skills Major, Bronte Creek or Canadian Armed Forces (just to name a few) all of which include a Co-op component.  Local business owners who are interested in hosting Co-op students are encouraged to contact Mrs. Trojanovic at



 Learning Resource support is a school-wide service available to every student in the school.


  Assistance in all subjects

  One-to-one and small group instruction

·         Reinforcement of basic skills, e.g., spelling, grammar, reading comprehension, math and literacy skills

  Assistance with outlining, essay development, research skills and proofreading, training related to assistive technology e.g. computers software such as Premier, Dragon, Chatt

  Study skills, assistance with test and exam preparation, organizational skills, communication skills, time management skills

  Responsibility for and assistance with the development, implementation and monitoring of Individual Education Plans for identified and non-identified exceptional students

Facilitate the instruction of the GLE/GLS (Learning Strategies) courses designed to provide

  direct instruction related to skills development





The Garth Webb Secondary School Code of Conduct is founded on the principles of respect (of self, others and the environment), cooperation and the development of a safe and appropriate learning environment.  Students at Garth Webb S.S. should be aware of the Halton District School Board Student Code of Conduct and their obligations within the Education Act. Recent changes in provincial legislation will result in some revisions to the Halton District School Board Code of Conduct.  The updated Code of Conduct will be communicated to students and parent/guardian when it becomes available.

Students are expected to be diligent in achieving success in their studies, to be courteous and cooperative in their interactions with their teachers and their peers, to show respect for school property and the property of our neighbors and to attend classes regularly and punctually.  Failure to abide by these expectations will result in a range of consequences.



Garth Webb Secondary School

General Information and School Rules


Information about school activities, personnel, rules and services is provided in this section.  If you require more information or help, ask a staff member or contact the office.  Please make sure you have given us information about yourself such as your address, parent(s) or guardian’s names and places of business etc., and advise the office of any changes to this information.




Plagiarism and other forms of academic dishonesty are very serious offences.  

Students are expected to be honest in all their academic endeavors.  Cheating on a test or examination includes:       

  • Communicating with another student
  • Copying another student’s paper
  • Bring in or referring to prohibited materials        


A research paper or assignment should be original work.  It is dishonest to:

·         submit, as your own, work, which is another person's or to which another has contributed substantially (teachers will advise you as to which assignments may be done with another person or a group)

·         submit an article or excerpt from an article that you have downloaded from the Internet without stating the source

·         incorporate the words or ideas of another in your assignment without stating the source (plagiarism)

·         cite references not used or falsify references

·         submit work previously used in another class without referencing it


Parent/guardian will be contacted in all cases of academic dishonesty.


 The primary due date for submission of an assignment is set at the discretion of the teacher.  Teachers will assign a closure date after which an assignment may no longer be accepted and may receive a zero.  

When scheduling assignments, teachers establish due dates that allow students to effectively distribute their workload in that course throughout the semester.  It is to the student’s advantage to respect due dates.


Garth Webb Secondary School – Assessment and Evaluation


The process of gathering, from a variety of sources, information that accurately reflects how well a student is achieving the curriculum expectations in a subject or course.

Garth Webb Student Handbook


The process of judging the quality of student learning on the basis of established criteria and assigning a value to represent that quality.  Evaluation is based on assessments of learning that provide data on student achievement at strategic times throughout the grade/subject/course, often at the end of a period of learning.


Student Responsibilities

Teacher Responsibilities

  • Attend Class

·  Maintain accurate attendance record

·  Submit work on time

·  Provide constructive and timely feedback

·  Make teachers aware of absences ahead of time ie. Sports, Family Vacations, Appointments, Illness

  • Be available for support and have resources readily available
  • Follow up with teachers upon return from absence

·  Be available for support and have resources readily available

·  Submit work that demonstrates a high degree of effort and care and that is of their own creation

·  Provide a high quality opportunities for learning

·  Provide appropriate documentation if a test, exam or performance task is missed

·  Provide opportunity to student to demonstrate learning if proper documentation is provided

·  Be your own advocate ie. communicate struggles, ask questions, support your peers

  • Provide a learning environment that supports and fosters teacher-student communication



 Good attendance and success at school are linked together. Students benefit from regular interaction with their teachers and classmates.  It is expected that students will attend all classes.

  • If you are unable to attend school, ask a parent to phone before first period.  The phone number is 905-847-6875 to report an absence.
  • If your absence was not called into the attendance line you will be required to bring a note to your teacher.
  • If you have to leave the school during the day, you must sign out at the main office.  You will need a parental note unless you are 18 or older.
  • If you are ill and wish to go home, come to the main office.  A staff member will contact your parent(s) for permission, and sign you out.
  • You may not leave the school during a scheduled class or activity (assembly, etc.) without permission.



 Parent/guardian may request, in writing, a temporary leave of absence from school for family reasons.  This request must be made, when possible, at least 3 weeks prior to the leave.  Forms are available in the office for this request.


Garth Webb Secondary School does not encourage student vacations during school time because of the loss of instructional time.  If a student is to be absent for vacation then this request must be made at least three weeks prior to the date of vacation.  Forms are available

in the office for this request.  Students are responsible for all work covered during the period that they would be absent.  Students are responsible for submitting all work on the date it is due, even if the date is during the period that they are absent from school for vacation.  Any test scheduled during the time that the student is absent for vacation must be written on the first day that the student returns to school.


 The Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test (OSSLT) is a compulsory graduation requirement.  The OSSLT is written by all students in grade 10 and by any student who has not successfully completed the test in their grade 10 year.  The date of the OSSLT is determined by the Ministry of Education and must be written on that date. The Ministry does not provide an alternate date for taking the OSSLT, regardless of the reason.  Anyone who is absent from the OSSLT will need to take the test the following year. The exact date for this year’s OSSLT is listed in the Calendar of Events found at the front of the agenda.


 Full cafeteria service is available at Garth Webb.  Breakfast is available before school and snacks and lunch are available from late morning to early afternoon.

Cafeteria dishes and trays are not to be taken out of the cafeteria.

Students are expected to return trays to the racks provided and to clean up after themselves,

placing all garbage and recycling in the containers provided.


Polite behavior appropriate to the cafeteria is expected at all times.

Food and beverages may be consumed only in the cafeteria.

Taking items from the servery without paying is considered theft, the consequences of which

may be suspension from school and/or referral to the police.

For health and sanitary reasons food cannot be consumed in classrooms or labs.



 All students are encouraged to be active members of the Garth Webb community by becoming actively involved in the activities, clubs and leadership opportunities available during the school year.   Involvement in any of the team, clubs and activities that we hope to offer, has a positive impact on the students and the school.  In order to participate in these events, students must:

·         Be making meaningful progress towards a diploma

·         Attend all classes regularly

·         Be responsible for all school work missed because of their involvement in co-curricular programs

·         Abide by rules of conduct of the school

·         Inform teachers of co-curricular involvement





 Our Chargers’ Council may undertake the organization of dances for the enjoyment of Garth Webb S.S. students.

·         No re-entry into the dance; no entry after 9:00 p.m. Dances will end at 10:00 p.m.

·         No admittance without a student card.

·         Some dances will be for GWSS students only, while some may be organized to allow guests to attend.  All guests must be signed in to the dance in advance, according to the process established by the Student Leadership Team and the school administration. For dances where guests are permitted the following rules apply:

·         All guests must be approved in advance by the school administration.

·         All guests are the responsibility of the student signing them in and must carry a valid guest pass.



Garth Webb Secondary School is a place of learning. A Dress Code is seen as a positive way to encourage respect for self and others, responsibility and safety in our school, and at all school-sponsored events. A Dress Code strikes a balance between individual expression and the expectation of our community for appropriate attire in a shared environment. The GWSS Dress Code is the result of a consultative process with student, parent and staff representatives and is in accordance with the expectations established by the Halton District School Board in response to the Safe Schools Act (2000-S.302.5).


Inappropriate/Unacceptable Clothing for the school environment

  • Clothing with profane, derogatory, gender-biased, racist, or sexually suggestive comments or artwork
  • Clothing which promotes illegal activities, violence, the use of drugs, or the use of alcohol or tobacco


The following are inappropriate and unacceptable at Garth Webb Secondary School:

  • Strapless, backless, transparent/see-through, halter tops, tube tops
  • Muscle shirts that reveal midriff or chest
  • Spaghetti straps (less than 2 cm wide)
  • Shirts, tops or sweaters opened below the sternum (low-cut)
  • Bare midriffs, (there should be no skin showing)
  • Shirtless
  • Clothing torn in revealing places
  • Undergarments showing including: thongs, boxers, bras
  • Pants must fit at the hip so they will stay on without a belt
  • Revealing skirt edges shorter than mid-thigh
  • Shorts that are revealing i.e. shorter than mid-thigh


For safety reasons the following are not allowed to be worn inside Garth Webb Secondary School:

  • Hoods up on hoodies/sweaters/sweatshirts
  • Hats
  • Sunglasses



It is understood that there will be consequences for students who do not comply with the Dress Code including but not limited to:

  • Students will be required to put on additional clothing. If they are unprepared they will borrow Garth Webb SS clothing from the main office (which will be signed out and returned at the end of the day).
  • If the student is unwilling to co-operate, the issue has moved from one of dress code to an issue of defiance.
  • Repeated dress code violations will result in suspension.


Students are expected to wear proper gym clothes (Garth Webb SS gym uniform) for physical education classes.  The Garth Webb Secondary School gym uniform will be available at registration or from the Phys Ed Department.




  • There is a comprehensive assessment and evaluation program during the school year.

Students who miss evaluation activities for valid reasons will not be penalized for the missed evaluation but may be required to make-up the evaluation.

  • Students absent without a valid reason may not be given such opportunity, and may receive zero.
  • If you need extra help, see your teacher to make the necessary arrangements.
  • If you have a concern about your evaluation, speak to your teacher.
  • Not all subject areas hold formal written exams; some use alternative forms of evaluation.
  • Exams and Performance Tasks are scheduled at the end of each semester.
  • All students write Final Examinations and complete Performance Tasks.The Final Examination and Performance Task reflect all the work and assignments covered throughout the semester or module.
  • All students are expected to write examinations and course performance tasks at the scheduled times.
  • The only exceptions are for medical reasons verified by a doctor's certificate. If a student is to miss any formal evaluation it is important that the family contact the school administration prior to the evaluation.



 If you are in need of first aid:

·         Remain with your teacher and/or friends.

·         Send someone to the main office.

·         Staff will contact a First Aid Provider.

·         Remain in the school, until we can arrange the necessary care and contact your parent(s).


 Do you know that?

  • There is a "lost and found" that is run from the main office.
  • Lost student cards cost $5 to replace.  No replacements will be issued after April 1st.
  • The cafeteria serves breakfast as well as lunch.
  • The school office hours are Monday to Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
  • Course offerings and diploma requirements are outlined in the Course Calendar available in Student Services and on the Garth Webb website.
  • The main office accepts only emergency phone calls from parent/guardian for students.
    • Photo day will be listed on the Key Dates calendar
  • There are 2 report cards each semester.
  • Parents' Night follows the fifth week report in each semester.
  • School cancellations are announced on the radio. (CKOC 1150, CHML 900, FM 108)




 The learning commons concept is one where the traditional library area is more flexible, more fluid and honors both collaboration and individual study.  New technologies are embraced and students can feel empowered to access information in both traditional and non-traditional ways.



  • Garth Webb I.D. student cards are used for signing out print books, HDSB Overdrive e-books and audio books, and magazines.
  • Borrowing is suspended until overdue materials are returned and payment of fines and/or replacement cost of lost items are resolved.
  • Overdue fines are 25 cents per day per item.



  • All books can be accessed with the following login and password:

Login: garthwebb

Password: library


  • For remote access, the 15-digit number from a Garth Webb SS I.D. student card is needed


  • The Oakville Public Library also has databases at



 Lockers are the property of the school and on loan for student use.  Each student will be assigned a locker, which is expected to be kept in good condition.  In some cases, students will share a locker.  Students are to purchase their lock at the time of registration (or from the main office at other times of the year).  Only the Dudley locks sold by the school are permitted for use on the lockers (no key locks or other types of locks are permitted).  Students taking Phys-Ed are advised to purchase a second lock so that they can lock their personal belongings in a Phys-Ed locker during their class. The student’s combination must be provided to, and will be kept on file, in the main office.  Lockers are accessible by the school administration at any time; lockers without the recorded combination lock in place will be cut off if access to a locker is required by the school administration.  Locker clean-outs and the verification of ownership will take place from time to time.  Students are cautioned not to share their combinations with others. Students are advised not to keep valuables, electronic devices or money in their lockers.  Any problems with lockers should be reported to the main office.



  • Vehicles must be registered in the Main Office.
  • Limited student parking is available during school hours
  • Student parking is limited and will be designated (all cars must display the GWSS parking pass sticker)
  • All drivers are expected to observe traffic signs.
  • Students who disregard parking restrictions may be fined and/or have their vehicles towed away.
  • A By-law Officer will ticket parking infringements.



  • Only activities sponsored by the school may be advertised in the building.
  • All advertising must have the approval of the sponsoring teacher and an administrator.
  • Any posters/ads must bear the initial of the sponsoring teacher and an administrator (any poster/ads not follow this procedure will be removed).
  • Announcements take place every morning and are posted on our web page along with our video screen in the main foyer.



 Personal communication devices including cell-phones and other wireless devices are not to be used in class or during exams/tests.  There are times when classroom teachers may have students use their personal communication devices during class time for specific purposes related to the completion of course work; it is only during these times specified by the teacher that students may use these communication devices.



 Small personal portable music devices (IPODs) are the only type of music players students are allowed to bring to school.  They may be used in the halls or cafeteria (so long as the volume is sufficiently low as to be inaudible to others).  



 None of the above-mentioned personal property is allowed to be used inside the school or on outside school property or it will be confiscated.



 Smoking is not permitted at Garth Webb Secondary School or on any Halton District School Board property. This also classifies smoking for e-cigarettes and related products.  The smoking restriction applies to the building, grounds and playing fields, as well as to cars parked on school property.  Smoking is prohibited on school buses also. The consequences of smoking on school property will be disciplinary action by the office, which may include suspension from school and fines issued by the Halton Regional Health Department.


 Each student at Garth Webb Secondary School has the right to an education.  At the same time, each student has the responsibility not to interfere with the education of others in the school.



 When a course uses a textbook, that course textbooks will be provided free of charge.

Students will be required to pay for texts (or other course materials) not returned or returned




 Students should not bring valuables to school, as the school cannot be responsible for articles lost or stolen.  This is especially applicable in the Healthy Active Living Areas (gyms, change room, etc.)  It is recommended that students have a “phys. ed. lock” so that they can use the lockers in the change rooms.



 School property is private property.  We do not encourage student visitors from other schools. Anyone who is not a registered student or a staff member must report to the office to receive permission to visit. A person who persists in "visiting" without such permission will be charged with trespassing.


 Weapons of any kind are prohibited on school property. Any students in possession of a weapon will be suspended from school. In most circumstances, the police will be called to lay charges.Please note that the restriction is in place regardless of whether or not the weapon is displayed or used in a threatening manner.



 You can find the Garth Webb Secondary School website at



The following is the official policy and regulations regarding computer use at GWSS. If you are in need of clarification on any of these points, please see an Information Technology teacher.


The Students, Staff and Administration wish to provide and maintain:

·         the highest level of computer technology and software access

·         an environment of ownership and responsibility

·         every opportunity for growth and development in the use of computer technology

·         a safe and secure environment for personal work and files


In order to preserve and protect these privileges, the following computer technology policy must be adhered to by all individuals in the Garth Webb Secondary School Community.  Logging on to the computer network acknowledges that you agree to abide by and promote this policy.  



Computers are expensive and sensitive instruments, which need to be treated with respect.  You can help maintain the quality of our computers by adhering to the following requests:

·         Under no circumstances will food and/or drink be consumed in areas where computers are located.

·         Bags, purses, knapsacks etc. will be placed to the side of the room or on the floor where they will not interfere with electrical wiring or obstruct pathways.

·         Hardware and/or peripheral devices are never to be removed or adjusted without prior permission from the supervisors.

·         Software settings such as the booting files, working desktop (including screen savers) and system settings are not to be altered under any circumstances.



·         Hacking of any kind

·         The use of obscenity, foul language, and racial slurs

·         Erasing, copying or damaging files other than your own personal files

·         Knowingly infecting the system with a virus

·         Illegally copying software from the system

·         Installing or running software other than that already on the system (unless under the direct supervision of a teacher and with the teacher’s permission)

·         Plagiarizing

·         Willfully damaging hardware



All students who use computers at Garth Webb SS will sign and submit at Registration the Halton District School Board’s Secondary School Acceptable Use Guidelines for Information and Communication Technology.


·         Pupils may be disciplined for the misuse of Board or School computer services, as well as pupil web site postings and e-mail messages, which have a nexus to the School and are criminal, defamatory or inappropriate.

·         Behavior warranting suspension, and in some cases expulsion, may involve the use of Board or school computer technology services, School web sites, the internet generally or a School e mail messaging service, where a pupil has used these electronic mediums inappropriately.

·         Sanctions will range from a verbal warning and/or notification of parent/guardian to a complete indefinite ban to computer and technology access.  Severe or repetitive violations may result in suspension from school, and/or charges laid by the police.  Conditions for reinstatement will be determined and reviewed.



The use of computer resources for the purpose of research is a privilege, which requires a great deal of responsibility from the users.  Responsible use of this access will ensure its availability to students.  Irresponsible use will force administrators to remove or restrict this privilege.  IT IS THE RESPONSIBILITY OF ALL STUDENTS AND STAFF TO PROMOTE RESPONSIBLE USE OF THE SYSTEM!  THIS IS THE ONLY WAY WE CAN MAINTAIN ACCESS.

·         The Internet is for academic use. Accessing the Internet for entertainment purposes can only be done during non-instructional time before and after school.  The Library computers can only be used for research related access.

·         Accessing sites for the purpose of viewing/downloading obscene, degrading or offensive material is a serious offense.  Students are expected to follow the recommended Internet practices described on the NETIQUETTE link(s), which are located on the Garth Webb SS home page



 Eligible Activities are ones which:

·         Are of benefit to the community;

·         May support a not-for-profit agency, institution or foundation that conforms to the ethical standards of Halton DSB, Halton CDSB, and the Ministry of Education;

·         Promote tutoring, mentoring, visiting or coaching; support ethical work of a global nature;

·         Promote positive environmental awareness;

·         Support clubs, religious organizations, arts or cultural associations, or political organizations that seek to make a positive and ethical contribution in the community.


Specific areas of involvement may include:

Fundraising, School Community Service, Work with Animals, Youth Programs, Community Events & Projects, Arts and Culture, Committee Work, Environmental Projects, Office/Clerical Work, Religious Activities, Volunteer Work with Seniors and Activities for Individuals.


Ineligible Activities, based on Ministry of Education and School Board policy:

·         Course requirement;

·         Activities during school hours (except lunch break or spare periods);

·         Logging or mining environment (if student is under 16);

·         Factory work (if the student is under 15);

·         Workplaces other than a factory (if the student is under 14 and is not accompanied by an adult);

·         Duties that would normally be performed for wages by a person in the workplace;

·         Operation of a vehicle, power tools, or scaffolding (eg. Snow blower, power mover, hedge trimmers, etc.);

·         The administration of any type or form of medication or medical procedure to other persons;

·         Handling of substances classed as “designated substances” under the Occupational Health and Safety Act (eg. Asbestos, lead, dangerous chemicals, toxic materials, etc);

·         Regulated trades work;

·         Banking, the handling of securities, jewellery, works of art, antiques or other valuables;

·         Duties normally performed in the home or personal recreational activities

·         Court-ordered activities;

·         Activities that provide direct financial benefit or gain to the students or to the student’s immediate family;

·         Work with any organization which does not comply with the ethical standards, policies, procedures or regulations of the Ministry of Education, Halton District School Board and Halton Catholic District School Board;

·         Simple membership in a school or community club;

·         Activities that are part of a Community Service Day during regularly scheduled class time (e.g. Terry Fox Walk);