June 25, 2023


Principal's Message

Good Morning Garth Webb:

Thank you for engaging in your student's education through reading the blog this past year. The connection between home and school is so important to our students' success. With that being said, I would like to thank the community for their support over the past 5 years. This is my last blog as Principal of Garth Webb and I want you to know that I will truly miss this school as well as the community. We are a very high achieving school, and none of that is possible without the parents/guardians at home setting our students up for success. A sincere thank you for that and a sincere thank you for always supporting me. You ask questions, you make us think, you hold us accountable, and you support us through all of that. I appreciate our time together.

I would like to thank the staff of this school for making the student experience so positive every single day. As you know, students who like you will learn from you, so with our focus on relationships, you have allowed our students to connect with you. Every class, every day, matters and that is the student's high school day to day experience. Thank you for making the classroom a positive experience. I often ask students about their teachers and they always say they really like their teachers - thank you. I would like to thank the teachers for all of their involvement in extra-curriculars. These are so valuable to the development of our youth, so please continue to give back and contribute to making our society a better place. It starts with education.

And finally, to the students, I could not be more proud. You continue to make us proud, you continue to be kind and empathetic. High school is about making mistakes and learning from them. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of that journey. To all of the students whom I have worked with directly, thank you for listening and learning with me. I hope we had some conversations in the office or the hallway that have made you reflect, made you do the right thing, and become better people. I appreciate your mistakes, continue to make them, but always reflect on how you can do better. When we know better, we do better. You are a wonderful group of youth at Garth Webb who have a wonderful future ahead of you. Always remember to Learn Today to Lead Tomorrow.

I am sure our paths will cross again and until then, I sincerely wish each of every one of you the very best.

Most sincerely,

Pam Jenkins

June is National Portuguese Heritage Month


Featuring Ms. Cacilhas

What does your last name mean?

It’s the name of a city in Portugal…but not the one my family is from! The city of Cacilhas is not far from Lisbon, on the mainland.

Where in Portugal are you and your family from?

My father is from Sao Miguel in the Azores. The Azores are a group of islands in the Atlantic ocean that are actually quite far from mainland Portugal, so the island language and culture is quite distinct.

What are some misconceptions about Portuguese culture that you would like to be corrected?

I don’t know that there aren’t any? The only stereotype I’ve heard is that Portuguese people eat a lot of fish, and I’ve got to admit that it’s true for Azorean people at least!

Are there any of your family values linked to Portuguese culture?

Portuguese people love to build community, especially around food. They are very welcoming to anyone who visits and are incredibly generous hosts. My grandmother was known to feed my friends so much food that they would actually feel sick! I think I have adapted my love for gathering with friends and for delicious food from my Portuguese family. 

Where in Oakville or the GTA can people enjoy Portuguese culture?

Ola Bakery at 447 Speers has great Portuguese food! You can enjoy the famous natas (custard tarts), Portuguese buns, and many other items including my personal favourite: rissois (breaded pastry filled with shrimp, fish or meat).

Summer Solstice June 21

Summer Solstice presents us with a time to celebrate! The Summer Solstice arrives on the longest day and the shortest night of the year. Solstice happens twice each year – in Winter near December 21 and in summer near June 21. The festival is sometimes called “Litha,” which means light. “Solstice” means sun stand. The sun is at the height of its power during Summer Solstice and appears to linger at the same point on the horizon in its rising and setting for the days surrounding solstice. For most of us in the Northern Hemisphere, the sun is directly overhead at midday during Summer Solstice. If you try standing outside you will see how little shadow you cast. The ancients believed that only spirits didn’t cast shadows, so Summer Solstice provides a “thin place” to commune with the spirits of the Otherworld. [source]

Important Message from IT for Students Leaving the HDSB

As of July 14, 2023 students who are not:

will lose access to the HDSB Network & Halton Cloud / Google Workspace for Education applications, data, and email.

IMPORTANT:  If you have used your HDSB email when applying for post secondary, resume,  job applications, you will need to update your information and change it to a personal email address before access to your HDSB account is lost.

 To retain your Google Workspace data please see one of the options below:

This will enable you to easily retain your email, essays, resumes, science projects and any other files stored on Google Drive before access has been removed to your HDSB account.

This must be completed by July 14, 2023. Please note that the process can take quite some time to complete so don’t delay!

Class of 2023 Award Slideshow

On Friday, June 30, we will send a link to our graduates and their families for the end of year awards.

Report Card & Diploma Pick Up

Report cards for all grades and diploma pick up for our graduating students is on Thursday, July 6 from 9 am to 3 pm in the main office. If you are a graduating student who received an award these will also be available for pick up at that time.

Please be sure to come and pick these items up on July 6 between 9 am - 3 pm. Thank you!

Summer Office Hours

June 30 Early Closing

Please note that on June 30 the office will close at 2:00 p.m.

 Summer Office Hours

The summer office hours will be 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Please note that the office will be closed on July 3 as well as on Friday, July 7. The last day that the office will be open before summer closure is Thursday, July 13. The office will be closed for the summer from July 14 to August 18 inclusive.

 The office will open on Monday, August 21, 2023 at 7:30 am.

Staff Thank You

Thank you to all of our wonderful staff members from the 2022-2023 school year. We appreciate the contributions of each and every one of you. We wish all the best to the staff members who are leaving Garth Webb and we look forward to seeing our returning staff members and welcoming some new staff members in September.

A big thank you and farewell to our Principal Pam Jenkins and Vice Principal Derek Graham. We wish you all the best in the future and are grateful for your contributions to Garth Webb. We will miss you. 

Welcome our new Principal Jacquie Pece and our new Vice Principal Eric Keunne. We look forward to working with you in the upcoming school year.

Thank You Parent Council

Thank you to the members of our Parent Council for all of their work and efforts on behalf of our students and school this past year. School Council was able to fund many initiatives for the students and staff of GWSS. Thank you to all families who were able to contribute!

Thank you to Dalia El Farra, Navia Sharma, Craig Lemon, Ravinder Basanti-Johal, Elsa Boyden, Rajni Deshpande, Tanya Monteith, Virginia Nsitem, Tamika Ramsay, Sarah Sampel, and student rep Sheeraz Malik. Thank you also to all of the GWSS parents who volunteered their time to attend School Council meetings and help out this school year.

We look forward to the final meeting of the 2022-2023 school council on Monday, September 18, 2023 when we will also welcome any new members for the 2023-2024 School Council.

Yearbook Club Thank You

Another great yearbook created by these students! Thank you for all of your efforts in organizing all of the content that fills these pages. Well done on photographing all of the events, clubs, and sports that happen at GWS. Beautiful and creative design layouts on every single page. You all should be really proud of this book you created for your peers. Well done GWS Yearbook Club 2022-23!

Also, congratulations to grade 9 student Jenna El Malak who is our Yearbook Cover Contest winner. The student body votes for their favourite cover design and Jenna's was chosen this year. Thank you to all students who contributed cover ideas. You will see them all printed in this year's yearbook.

Finally, thank you to Ms. Patterson for all of her hard work to help the students create this book of memories each year. Another job well done!

Exam Schedule & Absences During Examinations

Just a reminder that all exams begin promptly at 9:00 a.m. and are scheduled to be written in the regular classroom unless a change in location is announced by the teacher. Please click here to see the complete exam schedule. The library will be open each day from 8:30—9 am only and the cafeteria is closed for the remainder of the school year. Students are to exit the building immediately after they complete their exam each day.

The exam schedule continues to follow the format of one exam per day based on a Week A schedule:

Day 3 of Exams, June 26, Block D/Period 4 classes;

Day 4 of Exams, June 27, Block E/Period 5 classes.

If the Board makes a decision to close all schools for any reason, we will postpone that day of exams to Wednesday, June 28 at 9 am.

Exam Review Day - June 29

Thursday, June 29 is the final day of classes. It is exam review day and attendance will be taken. Students will follow a modified schedule and have early dismissal as follows:

Period 1 - 8:30 - 9:00 AM

Period 2 - 9:05 - 9:35 AM

Period 4 - 9:40 - 10:10 AM

Period 5 - 10:15 - 10:45 AM

Period 3 (lunch) - 10:45 - 11:45 AM

GWSS Math Department Helps You Get Ready for Next Year’s Math Class

Have you signed up for a math class next school year? Are you a grade 9 student looking to get ahead and prepare for grade 10 math? Are you looking to start preparing for grade 11 math? Or maybe you want to review your skills before you start a grade 12 math course? The GWSS Math Department has created several resources to help you get ready before starting your next math adventure.

Here you will find a chart organized by grade and course with corresponding review packages and solutions, and/or extra help videos to help you start preparing for next year!

Have a safe and wonderful summer!

GWSS Math Department

Class of 2024 Grad Gear

The online store for Grad Gear for the Class of 2024 is available online from now until September 18, 2023. Orders should arrive at the school in early November 2023.

Click here to access the online store for ordering.

Coming Next Year...

We are excited to announce "Lights, Camera, Los Angeles!" - a 6-day international trip happening over March Break 2024 to Los Angeles! 

Overview: This trip will provide students with the unique opportunity to learn about media, tv and film production, animation, and much more at the hub of the entertainment industry with hands-on workshops, leadership training, and engaging learning tours. This adventure brings learning from class to life! This trip will promote innovative strategies that connect learning to the world and prepare students for a dynamic future.

Highlights include: sightseeing at many LA hotspots, a visit to the Dolby Theatre and GRAMMY Museum w/ an educational workshop, the Warner Bros studio and Universal Studios tours, an acting workshop and Youth Education Series Workshop in the Performing Arts at Disney Imagination Campus, and more!

Registration:  A student and parent info meeting will take place in September with registration to follow. Stay tuned for more updates in the fall! 

The trip is being facilitated by EF Tours and Ms. Zinken is the teacher trip coordinator.

Co-op Thank You

Co-op students have a unique opportunity to gain valuable work experience, network with members of our local community, and contribute to the success of an organization, all while earning high school credits! To recognize the guidance provided by their supervisors, the GWSS Co-op students and teachers organized an Employer Appreciation Breakfast this past week on Tuesday. The event was a reflection of the students' understanding and appreciation of the valuable mentorship and learning experiences provided by their supervisors throughout their work term.The breakfast highlighted the co-op students' commitment to fostering positive relationships with their employers and showcased their professionalism and organizational skills.

Students not only had an opportunity to express their gratitude but also engaged in meaningful conversations, shared their experiences, and personally thanked their supervisors for their guidance and support. The supervisors also took to the podium and spoke highly of the benefits of the GWSS Co-op Program, acknowledging how the program brings motivated and talented individuals into the workplace to get a sample of a real-world work experience. The event was a testament to the strong bond between the co-op students and their supervisors, fostering a positive and collaborative work environment. Overall, the Employer Appreciation Breakfast was a success. Thank you to Ms. Anjos and Mr. Jenkins for all of their work with the Co-op students this semester. 

Click here to read about our last Co-op Student of the Week.

The Co-op Program would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our supervisors from this past semester:

Arab Community Centre of Toronto

Atrybe Inc

Captain R Wilson Elementary School

Chartwell Retirement Home

City Electric Supply

Cornerstone Fine Homes

Crunch Fitness - Burloak

Doggie Detailing

Dolled Up Cupcakes

Dundas Family Dental

Eagle Tech Recycling

Expedia Cruises

Furry Friends Doggie Day Care

Great Clips

Halton Dental Lab

HDSB Library Services

JML Electric Inc.

John Willmott Architect, Inc.

Live to Dance Studio

Mario Positano - Animation Professor, Sheridan College

McMaster University - Nuclear Operations

Nottinghill Family Wellness CentreOakville Rehab Centre

Oakpark Pet Hospital

Oakville Toyota

Oakville Trafalgar Memorial Hospital

One Plumb Plumbing

Palermo Pharmacy

Palermo Physio

Palermo Public School

Palermo Village Dental

Precision eBusiness Group

Pretium Engineering

Resilient Kids Canada

Revera West Oak Village Long Term Care Home

Robertson Electric Wholesale

Sheddon Physiotherapy and Sports Clinic

Shoppers Drug Mart 

The Dog House Spa


Wellspace MD Family Practice & Wellness

West Oakville Preschool Centre

Wise Health Law

5409 Chargers Robotics

On Friday, June 16th the Chargers Robotics team visited our community sponsor Collins Aerospace for a tour of their facility. This was a great learning opportunity for our students and we want to express our gratitude for an incredible experience. 

Collins Aerospace has been one of our longest team partners in education. Thank you so much for an incredible experience and continued support, We appreciate you!!

Athletic Banquet

The Garth Webb Athletic Council hosted the 2022/2023 Athletic Banquet on Thursday, June 15th, in which we celebrated the HSSAA Sport teams by dressing up for a formal dinner and having one last night to be together with our teammates. The night involved team and individual awards, OFSAA athlete recognition, and a summary of how much fun the year was! This year's theme for the night was "Red Carpet'', which had everyone dressed up in their best clothes and the food provided by Big Grill was a hit! Shoutouts to Alice Liu who provided the delicious cupcakes as the dessert. An amazing night for an amazing athletic season! Great job, GWAC! Below is a summary of the Major Award Winners.

Rookies of the year: Rian Sandhu, Sienna Dodgson, Alex Tasev, Sean Bate

Jr. Chargers Pride: Colsen Flemington

Chargers Pride: Sinead O'Neill

Athletic council leadership award: Zain Khalil

Junior Athletes of the year: Peter Watson, Emi Harumoto

Award of Academic Excellence: Iuliya Tryguba

Coach of the year: Mr. Brendan Monahan 

Senior Athletes of the year: Sarah Watson, Logan Hand

Guidance Counsellors

 For the 2022-2023 school year, the following counsellors are working with each group of students:

 Ms. Tolton (A-E)

Ms. Mactaggart (F-L)

Mr. Sanderson (M-Q)

Ms. Hosany (R-Z) 

Google Classrooms

 Grade 9 - bix3yen

Grade 10 - krgiixa

Grade 11 - reyclkl

Grade 12 - cenqs5v

From Your Student Services Department

Schedules for 2023/2024 School Year

Schedules for the 2023/2024 school year were shared via email earlier this week. If students require a course change, they are asked to come by Student Services after their exams. Schedules with teacher and room assignments will be shared prior to the first day of classes at the end of the summer.

Summer School

Summer school registration is now open. Students can register through myBlueprint. All information can be found on the Gary Allan website as well as in the communication shared with students and families.

Tuesdays @Ten - Why College

On Tuesday, June 6 we hosted our final Tuesdays @Ten for the 22/23 school year. Heather Fawcett from Sheridan College joined us to share all the programs that Colleges offer. She covered Degree Programs (similar to Universities), diploma programs and the various programs they offer for students interested in pursuing the Skilled Trades. A recording of the presentation is available for those that weren’t able to attend.

Volunteer Club

Volunteer Club

Volunteer club dedicates to provide more volunteering opportunities to our students. Our goal is to make the information more accessible for everyone. We post opportunities weekly with all of the information included in our google classroom! If you want to learn more about our club and wish to find more opportunities, please join our google classroom through code: dtpah5l.

 You can also find us on instagram (@gwss.volunteer), LinkedIn (GWSS Volunteer Club), and Twitter (@gwss_volunteer)! If you have any question, feel free to email us at gwssvolunteerclub@gmail.com.

Opportunity for This Week:

The Kidney Foundation of Canada is looking for event day volunteers for their "Kidney Walk".  Please check out the flyer below and reach out to ontario.volunteer@kidney.ca if you are interested.

This is a quick way to get a few hours all at once. See this flyer for more information.

Thank you to the Volunteer Club and Ms. Mactaggart for sharing all of the wonderful volunteer opportunities with us this year. Have a great summer Chargers!

Trustee Newsletter

Thank you to School Trustee for Ward 4 Joanna Oliver for all of her work with and advocacy on behalf of our family of schools this year and for joining us once again at our Commencement Ceremony. 

Please click here to read the annual Trustee Newsletter that Joanna has asked us to share with the GWSS community.

From Halton Public Health: Catching up on Missed Vaccines

The following message is from the Halton Region Health Department

Dear parents/guardians of grade 7-12 students:

Immunization clinics are available for Grade 7-12 students who require important vaccines:

To help keep children and schools safe, Halton Region Public Health is offering catch-up immunization clinics to students currently in Grades 7 through 12, Wednesday, June 21 to Friday, June 23, and Monday June 26 to Friday, June 30, 2023. Additional clinic dates will be offered throughout the summer months beginning July 7, 2023. Clinics will be offered at various times and locations in Halton region.

Visit halton.ca/immunize to book a clinic appointment. Students will be assessed by a nurse and offered vaccines that they are eligible for, including the following:

Vaccines Available at Clinics

Usually given in Grade 7 school-based clinics:

Vaccines required for school attendance under the Immunization of School Pupils Act (ISPA):

If your child’s immunizations are not up-to-date, you can arrange for them to receive vaccines through your regular health care provider (free of charge), or visit halton.ca/immunize to book an appointment at a Public Health community immunization clinic.

Parents/guardians must report every vaccine their child receives to Public Health. Health care providers (such as physicians) do not report immunizations directly to Halton Region Public Health. Your child’s immunization records can be viewed and updated online at halton.ca/immunize

Under the Immunization of School Pupils Act (ISPA), children attending school must be immunized against, or have a valid exemption for, nine vaccine preventable diseases – the vaccines listed in the chart above protect against these diseases.

For more information about routine immunizations (including translated resources) visit ontario.ca/vaccines; immunize.ca/resources; or download a parent’s guide to vaccination at canada.ca/vaccines.

Blaze Fire Academy Opportunity

On August 9 – 10, 2022, Blaze Fire Academy will offer a chance for 24 young women in the Region of Halton, ages 15-18, to learn what it’s like to have a career in the fire services. It's not just putting out fires!

 Details as well as applications can be found here.

Director's Cut - Final Episode

This year, we are bringing the HDSB's 2020-2024 Multi-Year Plan into greater focus through our Director's Cut video series. We are taking a closer and deeper look at how the Multi-Year Plan is driving learning across our school board at the classroom level, showing how each of the five areas of focus are integrated and implemented into everyday instruction. 

We are excited to announce that the fifth and final episode of this video series is available. Tune in now: EPISODE #11: Director's Cut | MYP - 'Indigenous Perspectives and Awareness area of focus'.

Thank you for being a part of this exciting learning journey.

Juno Beach Centre 20th Anniversary

The Juno Beach Centre Museum is celebrating its 20th Anniversary in June this year. Click on the image below for more details about all the events that have been planned.

Links to Community Resources

Online COVID-19 Screening Tool

 It is recommended that students continue to complete the Government of Ontario’s online COVID-19 school screening tool prior to attending school each day. Please be sure to read all questions carefully as they do change on occasion. Please carefully follow the instructions that you get at the end of the screening telling you whether to stay home or attend school. Thank you to our families for doing the daily self assessment to help keep everyone safe. For information on COVID-19 health and safety procedures for the 2022-2023 school year, please click here: COVID-19 information page.

School Calendar

Important Dates for Your Calendar

Upcoming Key Dates

Jun 22 - 28 Semester 2 Exam Block

Jun 29 Exam Review Day - Last Day of School - Early Dismissal @10:45 am

Jun 30 PA Day - No School for Students

Jul 5 OCAS/OUAC Final Mark Upload

Jul 6 Final Report Card & Diploma Pick Up

If you have any questions or suggestions for improving the school, our virtual door is always open. Please feel free to contact our admin team by email anytime.

Pam Jenkins, Meg Carey, Nancy Annibale, Derek Graham

Garth Webb S.S. Admin Team

This is the last Principal's Blog for the 2022-2023 school year. We will be back again in the fall.