Learning Resources Services & Contact Info

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The Learning Resources Department:

  • supports students with unique learning needs for success at Garth Webb S.S. and beyond

  • assists students with academic programming

  • updates/manages/reviews all IEPs

  • supports students with goal setting, self-advocacy, learning skills

  • meets with teachers to ensure students have required accommodations and resources

  • completes special education testing, as required

  • facilitates/assists transition of students with IEPs to secondary & post-secondary education

Learning Strategies (GLE/GLS) Course:

This course focuses on learning strategies to help students become better, more independent learners. Students will learn how to develop and apply:

  • Learning Skills

  • Literacy and Numeracy Skills

  • Personal Knowledge and Management Skills

  • Interpersonal Knowledge and Skills

  • Exploration of Opportunities

  • Preparation for Transitions and Change

Learning Resources Room

The Learning Resources room provides a space for students with IEPs/ELL/Student Success profiles to complete tests, assignments, and receive additional help with their learning needs from a staff member. In order to access this room during regular instructional times, students with IEPs/ELL/Student Success profiles must get approval from their classroom teacher.

Additional Assistance in Classrooms

The Learning Resources department assists classroom instruction in areas where there is a higher number of students with IEPs. In consultation with staff, the Learning Resources department determines what classes receive extra support.

Assistive Technology

Students who require help with assistive technology are asked to speak with their assigned SERT.