Co-op Student of the Week

Co-op Students of the Week

Week of January 22

Student:  Olivia Goodstadt, Grade 11       

Placement:  Anne J. MacArthur Public School, Grade 1 Classroom

During my Grade 1 placement, I am responsible for working one on one with certain students who need assistance, conducting small group activities, leading the morning meetings and circulating around the classroom during independent work time for extra assistance. When I am not busy with the tasks directly involving the students, I also do several things around the classroom to prepare for upcoming lessons and maintain organization, such as photocopying worksheets, marking student work, updating the word wall, creating seating charts and using the laminator.

One of the most important skills that I have learned during my time at Anne J MacArthur is the importance of building relationships with the students and getting to know each student individually. This is so important for creating and fostering a caring classroom community. Additionally, I have been able to significantly improve my classroom management skills using several different tricks and strategies to help. This is very important in maintaining a calm and organized classroom. Finally, my placement has allowed me to continue developing my problem solving and adaptability skills. The majority of the time in a grade 1 classroom can be very unpredictable, so it is important to be able to adapt to any situation.

My co-op experience has taught me so many valuable real-world lessons that I can apply to future jobs in education. I have learned so much about what it means to be a teacher and the work that it entails. It has also helped me to solidify my passion for becoming an elementary teacher and has confirmed that I definitely want to go into teaching after high school.

Previous Co-op Students of the Week

Week of December 18

Student:  Victoria Naemsch, Grade 11       

Placement:  Captain R Wilson, JK/SK

At my placement, I am responsible for directing the students with activities throughout the afternoon, reading with them to build up their motor skills and helping out around the classroom by adding pictures and students' work onto the walls of the classroom and making sure things stay organized. I build connections and relationships with the students and make sure that they feel safe and welcomed in the classroom when they come in every day. 

The time that I have been at Captain R. Wilson has taught me a lot and how to deal with situations as they come even if I am not 100% sure of the answer. I have learned how to improve my presentation, communication and observation skills within a classroom and outside on the playground. Not only this but I have learned to improve on my patience because sometimes the students are not as fast at something or it might take them a while to comprehend what is being asked of them and I have learned to take it slow and help them when they need it. I find my responsibility has also grown as I am in a class full of students and when things happen such as a fire drill I am responsible for making sure that all the students are out on time and doing what is asked of them. 

Co-op has given me practical classroom experiences and assisted with the issue of real-world exposure. It puts me in professional situations, for me to develop a professional attitude and a good work ethic. It also helps me better grasp what it would be like to be a teacher and confirms that this is still something I would want to pursue for postsecondary.