May 5, 2024


Principal's Message

Good Morning Garth Webb:

Another week, another jam packed bundle of exciting field trips and co-curricular activities!! May is definitely in full swing. The value of experiential learning opportunities is tremendous for students. Activities that extend past the classroom and after school are often what students remember most about high school. It is so great to see Garth Webb students taking full advantage of the opportunities that are offered to them. I would like to thank the teachers for the field trip opportunities and for volunteering countless hours after school to enhance the high school experience for all students.

There are only 6 1/2 weeks left of classes before the exams start. Students need to make sure that they are in class and handing in all assignments as the 70% of their term work will wrap up in the next couple of weeks. Take advantage of the "Just do it" time that our Student Success teacher puts in place to support students in completing work. We will then be into the start of protected time and the final 30% Performance Task territory at the end of the month.  Yikes!! The month of May will pick up speed!!

Grade 12s often think that they can coast to the finish line..... stay focused so that your marks finish where you need them for your post secondary destinations. You would hate to have an offer rescinded based on dropped achievement from midterms. Even if you are heading to the world of work, it is nice to finish strong and be an Ontario Scholar in your pathway. That is what we call, "Bragging Rights".  You can do it!!! Go Chargers!!

Don't forget to be kind to one another along the way!

Take care,

Jacquie Pece

Canadian Mental Health Week 

May 6-12

This week, the HDSB recognizes Canadian Mental Health Week, in partnership with the Canadian Mental Health Association. We all have the capacity to be compassionate, and we know that doing so can make an enormous difference. 

This year’s Mental Health Week is centered on the healing power of compassion. In a world plagued by suffering, we emphasize that kindness is equally intrinsic to our humanity. This week at Garth Webb, we will explore how compassion connects us all through activities and resources for staff and students. 

Mental Health Resources:

How to help your mental health - Well-Being Skills for Students at HDSB

How to help your friend with their mental health - Well-Being Skills for Students

HDSB Mental Health and Wellbeing resources

Mindfulness Videos:

Guided Meditations:

Under Pressure - Mindfulness for Teens video:

Video - 7 min

Ted Talk - How to make stress your friend:

Robotics Worlds Update

Last week team 5409 took the 32 hour bus drive down to Houston, Texas, to compete at the First Robotics Worlds Competition. We competed against 74 other robots in the Curie division. After 2 days of qualification matches we were tied second for stage points in the Curie Division and also tied second for endgame points overall. It was an exhilarating week and an amazing experience for our team. We also had the opportunity to visit Mustang CAT at their facilities. Our team was blown away by the shop (and the delicious catered lunch!) Thank you for having us @Mustang CAT!

Thank you to our amazing community for your support, you are all part of our success!!!

Photo from our May 2023 Event

GW Parents for Black and Biracial Student Achievement RSVP

“Elevating Excellence”: A Celebration of Garth Webb’s Black & Biracial Students Current, Graduating, and Alumni 

May 16, 2024 – 7:00 pm

Garth Webb Secondary School Library

Garth Webb Parents for Black and Biracial Student Achievement continue to be committed to working with the school to create a safe and brave place for our Black and Biracial students because we know the impact racism has and continues to have on our students' personal identity and their need to feel a sense of belonging.

Our initiatives and projects have included:

Please RSVP here to join us for Elevating Excellence! All GW families are welcome to attend.

TEDx Free Tickets Now Available

This, Thursday, May 9 GWSS will be hosting our first licensed TEDx Youth event, Building Our Own Future: Teenage Empowerment for a Prospective Tomorrow!

Tickets to this proud platform for the passionate voices of our diverse student population are now available free on School Cash Online. Please visit our website for more information.

Yearbook Deadline is THIS Monday, May 6!

Don't forget to order your copy of the 2023-2024 yearbook before it's too late. Yearbooks are available to order on School Cash Online only. We do not order extra copies so you must order online before the deadline of May 6 to be able to get a copy of this year's yearbook.

If you don't see the fee available on School Cash Online it is most likely because you have already purchased the yearbook for this year. Please check in your purchase history to confirm. 

Don't miss out on ordering this keepsake! Visit School Cash Online today!

Mathematics Contests Update

Congratulations to our Mathletes who wrote the Canadian Intermediate and Senior Mathematics Contests. The results are in! To find out your score, please visit the math office or check the google classroom for the news announcement.

A special congratulations goes out to the following student school champions, who will receive a medal and who earned the top score at GWSS:

Canadian Senior Mathematics Contest School Champion Medal: Max Lu

Canadian Intermediate Mathematics Contest School Champion Medals: Alice Yang, Henry Zhong, Adithya Saravanan, Gavin Zhi,  

Another congratulations goes out to the following students who earned distinction certificates, meaning they earned in the top 25% of all competitors:

Canadian Senior Mathematics Contest Distinction Certificates: Max Lu, Yizhe Lu, Seon Yoon, Carey Cui, Samuel Zhao, Eric Wei, Junjie Zhuang

Canadian Intermediate Mathematics Contest Distinction Certificates: Alice Yang, Henry Zhong, Adithya Saravanan, Gavin Zhi, Seungdon Lee, Brandon Namgoong, Alex Luo

Environment & Energy SHSM Field Trip to McMaster

Battling the rain, the Environment and Energy SHSM students set out for McMaster University's Altitude program, pumped for some leadership training. Despite the weather's attempts to dampen their spirits, they laughed and cheered their way through the outdoor team challenges, proving their mettle with every muddy step.

When the rain refused to let up, we were able to take the program indoors, where more fun awaited them. Scaling climbing walls became the new challenge. Throughout the day, there was plenty of encouragement, cheers, and laughs but most importantly, plenty of relationship building between the students.

The Altitude staff were absolutely fantastic. They kept the vibe upbeat and the energy high throughout the day, despite the soggy start. Not only were they pros at guiding us through the activities, but they were also a blast to hang out with. They cheered us on every step of the way, making sure we felt supported and encouraged. At the end of the day, they even gave us a shoutout, saying how impressed they were with our students’ enthusiasm and behaviour. Hats off to the Altitude crew and to the SHSM students for making the day awesome!

Guidance Counsellors

  Ms. Tolton (A-E)

Ms. Mactaggart (F-L)

Mr. Sanderson (M-Q)

Ms. Hosany (R-Z) 

Google Classrooms

 Grade 9 - euk4ho6

Grade 10 - bix3yen

Grade 11 - krgiixa

Grade 12 - reyclkl

From Your Student Services Department

Stay tuned - Grade 11 Class Presentation

The week of May 20, guidance counsellors will be visiting all Grade 11 classes, to introduce and discuss the post secondary application process. This presentation is a quick introduction so students are aware of the various timelines that exist in their Grade 12 year.

Tuesdays @Ten

Please join us this Tuesday, May 7 at 10 am for our next community engagement session. This month we will be talking about summer school, the new eLearning graduation requirements, as well as the 40 hours of Community Involvement graduation requirement. A link to the meet will be emailed out to all families the day prior.

Summer School

Summer school registration is now open through myBlueprint. All information around summer school can be found on this document and also on the Gary Allan website.

HDSB US University Fair for Secondary Students and Families:

*Note that the timing breakdown by grade may be collapsed (so any secondary family can come between 5-8 pm) if there isn't concern about exceeding capacity. If this is decided, a message will be sent to all registrants to this effect.

Questions about the event can be directed to Lisa Galay, Instructional Program Leader for Student Supports and Regional Programs at or to the College Trackr Canada event organizer:

Sujee Kulendran (he/him/his), Director, U.S. College Relations

CollegeTrackr Canada I Not-For-Profit Organization

A  24 Maple Ave, Second Floor, Barrie, ON, L4M 7W4 

P  6473087691



Co-op Student of the Week

Student: Julia Varricchio, Grade 12 

Placement: InSalon

My main tasks and responsibilities include doing laundry, washing hair, sweeping hair, ripping and folding foils, greeting/setting up clients, and washing the bowls of bleach and hair dye.

The most important skill I have learned so far is learning how to give a proper hair wash and massage to clients. It took me a bit of time to figure out what techniques work best for me but once I got the hang of it, it is something I really enjoy doing.

Co-op has helped me decide for sure that I want to be a hairstylist when I’m older. I used to be a bit scared that maybe I would change my mind and change career paths but doing co-op at the salon has shown me that I definitely want to pursue a career in hairstyling, and that it actually looks even better and more fun than I thought before.

To see what else the Co-op Crew has been up to, please follow us on Instagram @GWSSCoop

Co-op Information Night

Save the date and join us on Wednesday, May 22 at 8 pm online to learn about what the GWSS Co-op Program entails, including student expectations and how to secure a placement. 

Please click here to register.

 If you have any questions, you can contact Ms. Anjos at 

Canadian Jewish Heritage Month

In 2018, Parliament unanimously passed a bill proclaiming, that throughout Canada, the month of May will be marked as “Canadian Jewish Heritage Month,” celebrating the inspirational role that Jewish Canadians have played and continue to play in communities across the country. From law, to politics, to culture, to sports, this important initiative celebrates the contributions Jewish Canadians have been making to this country for 250 years. 

This type of initiative helps Canadians understand one another by allowing different communities and cultures to be showcased and celebrated. Jewish Canadians have made enormous contributions to the fabric of Canadian society and, regardless of their cultural background, all Canadians are rightly proud of the country we have built together. Understanding and appreciating the contribution different communities make to Canada brings us close together.

Click here to read more.

Yom HaShoah (Holocaust Remembrance Day) May 5-6

Yom HaShoah Ve-Hagevurah (Remembrance Day of the Holocaust and Heroism) is the Jewish memorial day for the Shoah (which is the Hebrew word for “catastrophe,” referring to the Holocaust). It is marked on the 27th of the Hebrew month of Nisan, a week before Yom Hazikaron (Israel’s memorial day for fallen soldiers and victims of terrorism). Yom HaShoah 2024 begins the evening of May 5 and ends in the evening of May 6.

How is Yom HaShoah commemorated?

The day is commemorated across the Jewish world with services, ceremonies, educational programs, testimonials from survivors, and with the lighting of yahrzeit (memorial) candles. In Israel, TV and radio stations are switched over to Holocaust programming, and the entire country comes to a standstill as a nationwide siren blares. 

Visit this site for more information.

National Day of Awareness for MMIWG and Red Dress Day May 5

May 5 is the National Day of Awareness and Action for Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women, Girls, and Gender Diverse People. On this day we aim to raise awareness about this ongoing crisis and take action. On this day we remember the people who have lost their lives to colonial, gender-based violence, and their families and communities that live daily with the grief of losing loved ones.

The Final Report on the Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls was released in June 2019. There were 2,836 individuals who participated in the truth–gathering process and 231 calls to justice were recommended. To date, there has been little action on the calls to justice. In our efforts to raise awareness of this ongoing crisis we remember people who have lost their lives to colonial, gender-based violence and their families and communities who live daily with the grief of losing loved ones.

Credit: Women’s Centre of Calgary

HDSB Multi-Year Plan Input

HDSB looking for input from families, students, staff and community members on next Multi-Year Plan 

The Halton District School Board (HDSB) is asking students, families, staff and the community to share their thoughts and identify potential priorities for the Board’s 2024-2028 Multi-Year Plan. Opportunities to share feedback include upcoming Town Halls and an online questionnaire that will be available in the coming weeks. 

The Multi-Year Plan (MYP) is the roadmap that guides the Board in creating the conditions for students and staff to thrive. It informs the Board’s decisions and allocation of resources while guiding staff’s collective actions for ongoing improvement over the next four years. View the current 2020-2024 MYP

Parents, guardians, staff, students and community members are invited to share their thoughts and identify areas of focus for the HDSB’s 2024-2028 MYP by registering to attend one of the upcoming Town Halls through the registration links below. 

Town Halls will be held from 6:30 - 8:30 p.m. in the following areas: 

  “As we move through this process, we are guided by our curiosity and drive to build connections,” says Amy Collard, Chair of the Halton District School Board. “Your voice is critical to getting this plan right and setting the direction for the next four years. Collectively, we have the opportunity to give students the best opportunities for success as they embark on their future.”

“We are committed to providing students the best opportunities for success in their future,” says Curtis Ennis, Director of Education for the Halton District School Board. “These sessions provide an opportunity to come together, and consider the potential for our collective future in the HDSB, and build an even stronger HDSB community as we focus on planning for the future together.” 

View a message from Amy Collard, Chair, and Curtis Ennis, Director of Education for the Halton District School Board, on why community feedback is important.

All parents, guardians, students, staff and community members will also have the opportunity to provide input through an online questionnaire that will be shared in the coming weeks. 

For more information about the 2024-2028 MYP consultation and ways to provide feedback, visit the HDSB’s 2024-2028 MYP webpage.

Upcoming Mental Health Information Sessions

ADAPT Presents...

Problem Gambling and Behavioural Addictions Program

Problem Gaming Workshop (4 Evenings)

Monday May 27, June 3, 10, and 24

6:30pm – 8:00pm via ZOOM

Problematic gaming refers to the compulsive and harmful engagement with video games, often resulting in distress, suffering, and/or negative life consequences.

Gaming can be accessed through phones, tablets, gaming consoles, and PC’s. Over time gaming addiction can lead to changes in the brain that compromise our ability to focus, prioritize, regulate our moods, and relate to others.

Individuals struggling with gaming commonly experience prolonged gaming sessions, unsuccessful attempts to cut back, inability to stop despite awareness of consequences, negative impacts on offline life enjoyment, reliance on gaming to escape problems and emotions, strained relationships, academic or career setbacks, and feelings of shame and isolation.

This workshop is tailored for individuals seeking to achieve a healthier balance in their gaming use.

Our 4-day workshop will explore:

If you are interested in registering for this workshop, please contact Priya via email or telephone (905)875-7924

HDSB Hosting Mental Health & Well-Being Information Sessions for Parents/Guardians

The Halton District School Board has announced additional Mental Health & Well-Being Information Sessions for parents/guardians this Spring. 

Upcoming session: 

Learn more about the sessions available by visiting our Mental Health & Well-Being Information Sessions webpage and register online by completing the registration form. When you register, you can also submit a question for the presenters.

Registration is required for these sessions as limited spots are available. Registrants will be emailed a Google Meet link to access the session. Captioning in various languages is available.

Links to Community Resources

School Calendar & Sports Schedule

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Important Dates for Your Calendar

Upcoming Key Dates

May 7 Tuesdays @Ten

May 20 Victoria Day Holiday (School Closed)

May 22 CP Day - Classes start at 9:30 am

May 23 15th Week Report Distribution

May 23 Grade 12 Prom

May 27 - Jun 19 Protected Time

Jun 4 Tuesdays @Ten

Jun 10 Class of 2024 Commencement

Jun 20 - 26 Exam Block

Jun 27 Exam Review Day/Last Day of School (early dismissal)

Jun 28 PA Day - no school for students

Jul 3 OUAC / OCAS Semester 2 Final Mark Upload

Jul 8 Semester 2 Final Report Card Distribution

Jul 9-11 Diploma Pick up

If you have any questions or suggestions for improving the school, our virtual door is always open. Please feel free to contact our admin team by email anytime.

Jacquie Pece, Robin Toffolo, Nancy Annibale, Eric Keunne

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